Did you know there’s a 3-step formula that can be used to ensure you have the safest workplace possible? It’s as easy as following these three rules:

  • Be able to recognize hazards in your workplace. That means knowing what hazards are and where they apply in the workplace.
  • If you have hazards, understanding and implementing the hierarchy of controls to either fix or control the hazard.
  • Being able to act in a timely manner.

The big question is, what do we do about the hazards and how do we control them?

  • The best solution is to get rid of the hazard.
  • If you can’t get rid of a hazard, can you substitute something for it that would be less hazardous?
  • Failing these, then it’s time to follow the hierarchy of controls.
  • Engineering controls are the highest priority, then safe work practices and administrative controls.
  • The very last option is personal protective equipment. I have to say, this is the least desirable option because of the human factor involved. Somebody has to use it and use it correctly every single time.

But, when you want the safest work place possible, this is the ORDER you implement controls.

Listen to my blog as I go through this 3-step formula and provide examples.

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