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    Why Choose Linda Light?

    Linda Light, owner and founder

    Linda has more than 20 years’ safety training experience focusing on workplace safety and OSHA compliance. She provides training for 10- and 30-hour General Industry and Construction OSHA requirements and she’ll show you how putting safety first in your plan pays in the long-term for your organization.

    Excellent speaker and trainer. Linda held my attention the entire week. I’m sad it had to end; the week flew by so fast!

    Attendee Linda Light OSHA Training

    Why Linda when there are hundreds who do the same thing?

    Why? Because Linda focuses on what others don’t … communication skills.

    If you can’t talk to your co-workers, your managers, your executives about workplace safety then you can’t get support, can’t get help … can’t be compliant.

    Unique among workplace safety and OSHA trainers.

    Linda’s #1 goal is to make sure you and your employees “get it.” Whether you’re the safety coordinator, a manager, or the CEO of a company, everyone is responsible for workplace safety.

    Helping your staff develop these skills is what sets Linda apart.

    Who needs OSHA and workplace safety training?

    EVERYONE! Those designated as the safety trainer or coordinator, the ones in charge of the safety committees and safety procedures, human resources, occupational safety and health care professionals, office managers, supervisors, laborers, and more.

    Linda was very good at getting me to think … giving me the confidence to go back and put the plans into action.

    Attendee Linda Light OSHA training

    Communicating effectively. Helping you take action.

    Linda makes sure you can provide meaningful safety meetings that make a difference. That fulfill the needs of OSHA requirements. That provide general safety policies for you. That help you keep your safety programs up-to-date, clear, and succinct so that everyone knows what is required of them.

    Are Workplace Injuries Everyone's Responsibility?

    Source of YouTube video and used with permission from Safework Manitoba.