Every year in the U.S. more than 800 construction workers die and nearly 137,000 are seriously injured while on the job. That’s because construction workers are exposed to serious hazards on the job on a daily basis.

In general, when on the construction site, you should:

  • Plan ahead to get the job done safely.
  • Provide the right equipment.
  • Train everyone to use the equipment safely.

These fall prevention tips come from an OSHA Fact Sheet.

Falls from Roofs can be prevented

  • Wear a harness and always stay connected.
  • Make sure your harness fits.
  • Use guardrails or lifelines
  • Inspect all fall protection equipment before use.
  • Guard or cover all holes, openings and skylights.
  • Don’t disconnect from the lifeline.
  • Don’t work around unprotected openings or skylights.
  • Don’t use defective equipment

Falls from Ladders can be prevented

  • Choose the right ladder for the job
  • Maintain three points of contact
  • Secure the ladder
  • Always face the ladder
  • Don’t place the ladder on unlevel footing.
  • Don’t overreach
  • Don’t stand on top or on the top step of a stepladder

Falls from Scaffolds can be prevented

  • Use fully planked scaffolds
  • Ensure proper access to scaffold
  • Plumb and level
  • Complete ALL guardrails
  • Ensure stable footing
  • Inspect before use (by competent person)
  • Don’t stand on guardrails
  • Don’t use a ladder on top of a scaffold
  • Don’t climb cross braces

Falls in Construction Videos

You’ll find falls in construction videos on OSHA’s site that show how a worker can be injured and what employers can do so the work can be done more safely.

  • Floor openings
  • Skylights
  • Fixed scaffolds
  • Bridge decking
  • Reroofing
  • Leading edge work

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