workplace safety programs - safety awarenessIf you ever attend my training you’ll notice that I talk a lot about being one of the best safety dudes on the planet. My goal is to help you get there.

I’m always looking for success stories so I reached out to ask a few questions. Nothing statistically significant, just a few of the responses to give you an idea of what other companies are doing with regards to safety.

Some of the biggest improvement to workplace safety programs:

» Implemented comprehensive companywide policies for using PPE in the facility.
» Implemented a BBS program company-wide, getting 100% participation.
» Had safety committee members audit departments that they don’t work in.
» Implemented a Safety Pays program that gets every employee involved in recognizing hazards and unsafe behaviors.
» Ensured all annual and ongoing training required was completed.
» Attended training to help us understand OSHA rules and how to apply them correctly.
» Reinstated a new and improved Safety Committee.

Goals for workplace safety programs.

workplace safety programs» Develop a more robust forklift training program.
» Reduce incidents by getting employees to think about safety all the time – communicate the message that “Safety Comes First.”
» Improve safety training, especially for new hires.
» Train on the proper use of respirators in painting and sandblasting.
» Implement a first responder program.
» Train all interested staff on First Aid and CPR.
» Focus safety goals for your workplace?

Safety is an ongoing journey. It’s not one shot and you’re done. Every business needs to take the time to get honest and real in evaluating its’ safety program’s effectiveness.

What are the goals for your workplace safety program?

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