My mission is to help safety trainers be the best safety dudes on the planet. As an OSHA-authorized trainer who also has expertise in training trainers, I focus on giving practical, applicable and usable ways to help safety trainers ensure others “get” what they need to get. One way to do this is using interactive training strategies such as games.

Listen to my video clip to learn more about what the pros and cons of using games as an interactive safety training strategy are.

Safety Training Interactive Strategies

Yes, games can make your safety training a fun experience, but interactive training strategies need to focus on the outcome of what you want to achieve: retention and application of the material you are covering.

Some interactive strategies that might work well are things such as:

1. Creating a bingo card based on your safety training topic with key information your team needs to retain and apply.

2. Having participants draw a picture or diagram that illustrates key safety elements.

3. Putting together a scavenger hunt where participants can search for information on the internet/intranet.

4. Creating a “scenario area” in your training room on tables or using flip charts. Participants can match key concepts to real life scenarios using post-it notes.

5. Creating a top ten list of what safety elements your team has learned.

6. Creating a trivia game where participants can apply what they have learned, asking questions such as “name the PPE required for your job.”

7. Separating participants into teams, giving each a “what if” scenario where they can apply the safety concepts they are learning.

These are just a few examples of interactive training strategies that can be used in your safety training. Just remember, your goal is for participants to retain and apply.

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