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    What is OSHA Really All About?

    OSHA seems to be known more as that “regulatory agency” that comes in unannounced, inspects, and levees harsh fines. Its the agency that gives all the many regulations in language that is hard to understand … no plain English here!

    In general, OSHA is there to ensure:

    All American workers have the right to a safe workplace.

    OSHA regulations are meant to prevent workers from being killed or seriously injured at work.

    Employers provide employees with working conditions that are free from known dangers by following and implementing the regulations set out.

    Filing a Complaint with OSHA

    November 8, 2016
    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration protects your right to a safe and healthy workplace. Learn how you can file a complaint if you believe your workplace is dangerous.

    US Department of Labor

    The core purpose of OSHA’s enforcement program is prevention, not punishment. Just as it makes sense for the police to pull over a drunk driver before he causes death or injury, it is OSHA’s objective to encourage employees to abate hazards before workers are hurt or killed rather than afterwards, when it’s too late. In fact, 97% of OSHA’s citations are issued without a worker being killed or injured first. This is the essence of the program.

    David Michael Former Assistant Secretary Occupational and Health Administration, US Dept. of Labor

    Excerpt from David Michaels’ statement, Before the Committee on Education and The Workforce Subcommittee on Workforce Protections, October 5, 2011.

    What rules typically apply?

    Typically general industry is what applies to most worksites. These standards require the use of certain safe practices and equipment, and specific recordkeeping mandates.

    Are all employers covered under OSHA?

    Melissa Reinders, attorney at McDonald, Levy and Taylor

    Source of YouTube video and used with permission from McDonald, Levy and Taylor.

    Workplace safety ranges from fall prevention to preventing infectious diseases, preventing exposure to harmful substances to proper safety equipment and training.

    Learn more about Worker Rights.

    What is a multi-employer citation policy?

    Keep in mind it is a shared responsibility in a multi-employer worksite. All employers have the responsibility to provide a safe workplace.

    Can you identify your role as a: creating employer, correcting employer, exposing employer, and controlling employer?

    OSHA Multi-Employer Citation Policy

    OSHA Regulations

    OSHA provides information, training, and assistance to workers and employers. OSHA standards give organizations the general rules of the road; however, it doesn’t specify how to apply these rules to each specific business or industry.

    There are standards for general industry, construction work, agriculture, and maritime operations.

    All Regulations (Standards – 29 CFR)
    General Industry