Have you ever been referred to as the Safety Police? Sometimes this can be complimentary, but most of the time, I would guess it’s not. You probably gained this name because you are a by-the-book safety person – something you envision makes you a good safety leader.

As your organization’s safety person, you need to understand the rules and processes to keep employees safe. But you also need to think beyond the rule book.

Are you a Safety Leader or the Safety Police?

Being an effective safety leader is more than quoting the rule book chapter and verse.

A true safety leader goes beyond the rule book, developing personal skills that will help him or her be more of a visionary and think more globally with regards to safety in the workplace, such as:

  • how can I help new hires understand the importance of safety on the job
  • what can I do to keep others from getting hurt
  • what can I do to help others improve in their current position

  • Safety leaders make their co-workers and the workplace better overall; knowing that it is more important to help others see the value in looking out for each other on the job.
  • Safety leaders have a desire to build a culture in the workplace that everyone can all be proud of.
  • Safety leaders go beyond compliance, past all the processes and procedures, until they get to the people on the job. Yes, they may still quote rules from the book but they do it with a bigger picture in mind.
  • Safety isn’t the job of just one in the organization; it’s a team effort. Safety is more than the rule book; it also relies on how employees connect and interact on the job.

So, will you be the safety police or will you morph into a safety leader for your organization?