Computer-based training is defined as “any course of instruction whose primary means of delivery is a computer.” In other words, there is no human instructor required and it isn’t reliant on the internet either.

Computer-based training can be a good way to supplement your existing safety training, especially when the need is to refresh skills or knowledge or generate awareness of some new information.

Why consider CBT for Your Safety Training Program?

CBT can greatly impact your organization’s productivity compared to classroom training where you need, at a minimum, a trainer, a room, materials and attendees. Computer-based training allows each employee to access training at a time and location that works into their schedule, which typically means no need to shut down production or operations to attend a training session.

CBT ensures all employees who take the course receive the same safety information, delivering standardized and consistent training to all.

Computer-based training effectively trains a large number of employees and it can be done in a short time period.

When training is mandatory or needs to be tracked, CBT makes it possible to track employees’ performance through learning exercises or post-tests to determine if he or she has understood the material.

CBT programs tend to be easy to use for all levels of employees. These programs enable users to learn at their own pace and are available 24/7 so that workers on any shift can take the training during their regular shift.

computer based training
computer based training

Disadvantages of CBT

For CBT to be successfully used in your safety training program, workers must be computer literate and have access to a computer that has been loaded with the training modules.

One of the biggest downfalls of computer-based training is the lack of people to interact with. In classroom or instructor-led training, there are other attendees and the trainer who workers can discuss concepts with or ask questions of. CBT is very much self-paced and self-initiated – which can be both a plus and a minus.

CBT programs are not the most effective training method for teaching new skills or safety procedures.

Computers deliver only the training they have been programmed with, in the manner they have been designed to deliver it in. This means that workers may not be challenged to think outside the box and ask questions.

Not specific to your worksite. Online safety training modules are designed to work for all types of companies in an industry. To be effective, safety training should be specific to your worksite and, when possible, even specific to jobs.