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    Has Your Company Invested in a Safety Culture?

    Do you have a safety policy in place? Procedures employees can follow to ensure a safe work environment? An onboarding process for new employees or when existing employees change jobs? Guidelines to manage and operate a safety committee?

    Safety Training from Linda Light, LLC.

    Linda Light, LLC provides the safety training you need to meet OSHA regulations.

    But it goes beyond that …

    Linda Light, OSHA-authorized trainer.

    I focus on the communication skills needed to help your safety staff put the right policies and procedures in place.

    Linda Light OSHA-authorized trainer

    Interactive Training.

    This isn't a standard safety training session where participants do other work, text or check email, and only half listen. These sessions are highly interactive and hands-on.

    Best Practices.

    As a group we talk through current regulatory standards and then how to apply these to participants' specific situations.

    Face-to-Face Training.

    Whether it's off campus or on-site, you're face-to-face with Linda. She can see whether participants are "getting it." And you have the opportunity to ask questions, get answers immediately, and learn from the group discussion.

    Train-the-Trainer Skills.

    Participants learn what skills are essential in transferring what they've learned to co-workers and other safety staff. In today's environment, it's not unusual for staff to change jobs, so it's critical for staff to effectively share their knowledge.

    Training Tailored to Your Needs

    OSHA’s National Safety Stand-Down

    Join OSHA and partners to prevent falls. Plan ahead to get the job done safely, provide the right equipment, and train all workers to prevent fatal falls.
    April 12, 2017