Slips Trips Falls Action Plan

Create and maintain a slips, trips and falls action plan.

Slips, trips and falls cost companies – money, worker’s compensation, lost productivity, lost work time and more. A proactive action plan can help reduce unnecessary costs.

One good prevention strategy is to develop and maintain a written housekeeping program that describes:

» How to immediately report slips, trips and fall hazards.
» Where and how cleaning materials and products are stored.
» When to use signs, such as wet floor signs, and where they are stored.
» What cleaning method is appropriate for different areas or surfaces.
» Floor care maintenance and how or when to document.

Another strategy is to review OSHA logs for any slips, trips, and fall injuries. These incidents can flag areas where prevention methods may be needed.

Slips Trips Falls Checklist

Keep a checklist on what you find so you can update your slips, trips and falls action plan.

Be proactive and schedule regular inspections of the premises, inside and out, notating on a checklist things such as:

» Smooth or worn flooring
» Ramps without slip resistant flooring
» Sources of leaks or drips
» Cracked or broken surfaces or uneven treads
» Loose or broken handrails
» Potholes and loose gravel

Also, be sure to keep copies of any maintenance agreements with outside vendors. Know what they are responsible for, when and how.

A proactive action plan will help keep your employees healthy and productive while keeping lost productivity to a minimum.

OSHA Fall Prevention Resources

» Fall Protection
» How to Protect Workers from Falls
» Construction Standards & Resources
» Standards & Policies for Non-construction work

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