Safety Training.

Whether for 10- or 30-hour OSHA sessions, healthcare professionals, hospitality, or general industry, it is often viewed as a “have to” instead of a way to maintain a healthy, safe work environment.

However, no one wants to sit through any kind of training that is boring and puts you to sleep. You want the person leading your safety training to be able to effectively communicate so that you remember what you’ve learned, you can apply it in the workplace and possibly have a little fun at the same time.

Training the Safety Trainer

My job is more than attendance certificates or OSHA completion cards. My expertise is in what is referred to as “train the trainer.” I focus on training safety trainers, giving them practical, applicable and usable ways to help you “get” what you need to get.

I make sure that your safety trainer can provide meaningful safety meetings that make a difference, that fulfill the needs of OSHA requirements, that provide general safety policies for you, and that help you keep your safety programs up-to-date, clear and succinct so that everyone knows what is required of them.

How do I do that?

20 years’ safety training experience has given me time to figure out how to keep you awake while taking the boredom out of safety compliance. Using easy-to-understand examples, interactive material and a hands-on approach, I provide safety training that goes beyond the rules and regulations.

My safety training solutions help people feel comfortable and knowledgeable, building on the experience they already bring to the table.

Train the trainer Linda Light

Those hands-on activities keep safety trainers engaged and alert. This is key because “those who do, learn.”

My background, experience and education have proven invaluable in my quest to simplify safety training. I know people cringe at the words. I make the training accessible and fun but most of all applicable and retainable.

What Others Say About My Training

Linda was upbeat, fun, serious, and the best instructor I have ever had in any course. She has found a way to boil all this information down to simple understandable information that will help me do my job.

Linda was very good at getting me to think … giving me the confidence to go back and put the plans into action.

… one of the most comprehensive and informative courses I have ever attended. Linda is one of the best trainers I have ever had …

If you have attended one of my training programs, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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