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    Providing a Safe Workplace.

    3 Steps to a Safe Workplace.

    Companies who do this and do it well see a positive impact to their bottom line – less injuries and accidents occurring.

    The foundation of a safety program lies in OSHA’s General Duty clause.

    • Provide a safe workplace.
    • Set clear policies on safe work behaviors.
    • Involve all levels of staff - from top leadership to lowest levels - in the program.
    • Ensure all employees are accountable.

    Excellent seminar! I found out about a lot of things I knew nothing about. It will be very helpful going forward.

    Attendee Linda Light OSHA training

    Step 1: Recognize the hazards in your workplace.

    This isn't just a one-time assessment; it is ongoing and happens through several different methods, such as self-inspections or audits, investigations of accidents and near-miss incidents, analysis of injury and illness trends, preventive maintenance, and formal inspections by third parties.

    Step 2: Understand the controls and how to prevent hazards.

    Engineering controls a hazard at its source within the work environment. Safe work practices minimize or eliminate the hazard. Administrative are things such as relief workers, exercise breaks and rotation of workers. Personal protective equipment help protect you from hazards that can't be completely eliminated.

    Step 3: Act in a timely manner.

    Finding and fixing hazards in the workplace as quickly and efficiently as possible reduces lost productivity, operational downtime, and most of all keeps your employees safe.

    3 Step Formula for Safety