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    Safety Training Solutions

    General Industry ... Healthcare ... Construction ... Hospitality ... Education ... Distribution ... Manufacturing ...

    Prevent Accidents: Put Safety First.

    Use the right protective equipment … put safety plans and procedures into place … make sure your employees get safety training for their industry.

    Did you know ...
    • OSHA regulations cover more than 107 million workers today ... in ALL industries.
    • 97% of OSHA citations are issued without any workers being injured or killed first.

    Linda was upbeat, fun, serious, and the best instructor I have ever had in any course. She has found a way to boil all this information down to simple understandable information that will help me do my job.

    Participant Linda Light OSHA Training

    10-Hour & 30-Hour OSHA Training.

    Training is core to your organization’s safety and health program.

    Linda Light, LLC Offers:
    • 10- and 30-hour General Industry OSHA Compliance training for industries such as distribution, hospitality, education, manufacturing and healthcare.
    • 10- and 30-hour Construction Industry OSHA Compliance training.

    Workplace Safety Blog

    Safety Training Methods: Online Training

    With access to the web so readily available today, many companies use some method of online training.

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    Safety Training Methods: Computer-Based Training (CBT)

    Computer-based training is defined as “any course of instruction whose primary means of delivery is a computer.” In other words, …

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    OSHA News Updates

    Featured Updates
    September 13, 2017: OSHA, National Grain and Feed Association Form Alliance to Protect Workers in Grain Handling Industry

    September 13, 2017: OSHA, American Chemistry Council Sign Alliance to Protect Workers from Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals

    September 8, 2017: OSHA Renews Alliance to Provide Training to Young Workers

    September 8, 2017: OSHA Signs Alliance to Promote Worker Safety and Health

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