October is the month we focus on fire prevention and prepare for what to do in case of a fire. That means ensuring our fire safety program is up-to-date, which should include an emergency response plan for when a fire breaks out.

Have questions on what needs to be included in your fire prevention plan? I’ve outlined some of what you need to know.

This is also a great time to think about what training needs to be conducted and/or updated. For instance, there is an initial and annual requirement for those who are trained to use a fire extinguisher.

And, of course, bring this home with you. Ensure that you and your children know what to do should a fire break out and that your plan is customized to your situation. You have different hazards to plan for if you live in a single-family home vs. an apartment complex where you may live several floors up.

Listen to my video safety brief for more fire prevention tips.

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