Why do we train our employees?

Training is an investment. It is an investment in time and in money. It is also an investment in the future of your company as well as your employees.

Quite frankly, building the skills and knowledge of our employees helps companies stay competitive.

But then you ask, how might a company leverage its training investment, especially if there is a larger group of employees that need that same training (and you can’t send them all)?

The answer: Train In-House Trainers

Why Should Companies Invest in Training the In-House Trainer?

The benefits of ensuring that your internal trainers have been trained are HUGE! When you have someone designated as a trainer in your organization, you expect him or her to be able to effectively communicate with other employees.

But, what if that isn’t happening? To be honest, not everyone who is a subject matter expert is able to transfer what they know.

Training a trainer is a specific type of training. It ensures:

  • The person can effectively communicate key messages.
  • Those who are to do your training understands and uses interactive delivery techniques in an effective manner.
  • All trainers are trained both in the subject they teach AND how to teach it, using a best practice adult training approach.

Effective trainers know how to run great sessions. They know how to plan the training, how to speak to the participants, how to answer questions or explain difficult or complex topics. Effective trainers encourage participation – they don’t just talk at the people in the room.

Train the Trainer Training

You’ll be taught the differences between training and presenting and more about the adult learning process. It will prepare you to present information effectively and lead activities that enable and reinforce learning.

Lead discussions. Listen to what participants are saying. Help them link the training to their job.

Training in-house trainers

Build your confidence and your credibility. Maintain eye contact and a positive attitude. Speak clearly. Maintain the participants’ interest.

Training the Trainer is part of my expertise. I am the lead instructor at the OSHA Training Institute in Kansas City; I train those that will be doing the safety training in your organization.

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